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-January 17 & 19th: KDT performs for MLK Celebration!
-January 24th-Dazzlin Stars: Buck Down & Turn Up Competition, Marks, MS at 1pm!
-January 29th-KDT performs at Grenada Living Center at 6pm
-January 31st-Redefining Studios Presents: 1st Annual OPEN Dance Night at 6pm​​​​​​

As a child, I always wanted to teach dance. I have love what it does for me mentally, physically, & spiritually.
My grandmother passed away in 2013 and I decided to come home and do something productive, but DIFFERENT. I had used the name "redefining" because we as individuals are always growing. :)​
We are always looking for ways to improve and raise our own expectations. We are here to push you mentally and physically while continuing to teach you great techniques and having fun! 
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